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Report an Anomaly
If you queried the Authenticity Code printed on the True Italy Tag attached to the product you bought and it does not match with the displayed Serial Number and description (or you are prompted with a Warning message) you are entitled to Report an Anomaly through this form.

It is very important that you fill this form very accurately !

For example, you should provide us with all the identification data about the retailer or seller from whom you bought the item.

Any information is very important to us, including the full name of the seller, complete address (with Zip code), phone number, and possibly even the name of the owner or sales representative.

True Italy will start an investigation in order to clear any possible mistake. If no error is found, you will be notified with additional information and directions.

Please use this form only for reporting an Anomaly linked with a True ItalyTag or Label. If you need to contact the True Italy Service for any other communication please click here!

Full Name
State / Province
Zip Code
The "Made in Italy" Product you have purchased
(please describe in detail)
Location and Date of Purchase
(retailer's name, address, city, state/province, country and date of purchase)
Authenticity Code on your True Italy Tag
Choose an Anomaly to Report
Authenticity Code and Serial Number do not match
Authenticity Code and Serial Number match, however, the Product Description does not
The Service reports that the Authenticity Code has been entered more than twice
The True Italy Tag or Label does not look like the pictures shown on this site
Comments about the Anomaly

Check a Product - About Us - The "Made in Italy" - FAQs - Newsletter - Contact Us

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