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Many products available on the market are counterfeit.

They have not been designed and / or manufactured by an Italian company.

A tag may state "Made in Italy", but it can be easily cloned and counterfeited!

Don't feed who steals the ideas and work of someone else, often without respecting human dignity and the environment.

True Italy™ protects consumers and resellers from product fraud.

Choose a product with a True Italy™ Tag carrying the Authenticity Code.

Be confident you are the lucky owner of a Genuine Italian Product and learn more about its manufacturer!

TRUE ITALY is the ultimate tool to protect Retailers and Consumers alike from any counterfeits and scams involving faked "Italian" products.

The TRUE ITALY Mark and patent-pending Service have been developed in Italy for the sake of fighting the illegal manufacturing of counterfeits and "knock-offs" of sought after Italian Products, as well as the consequent frequent scams victimizing wholesale Buyers and Consumers.

The TRUE ITALY Mark allows to recognize Genuine Italian Products at first glance and to check personally their Authenticity, anytime, anywhere, using the independent TRUE ITALY Service.

The website and the Service are maintained by a private Italian organization located in Como, Italy.

Such a company is Srl , established in April 2000, which is internationally recognized as the creator of the acclaimed ItalianModa Marketplace, one of the most successfull B2B Marketplaces worldwide. Its main goal is helping international wholesale buyers to find and do business with qualified Italian manufacturers and suppliers. is a completely independent company and has no direct or financial relationship with any Italian manufacturers using the TRUE ITALY Service. It works like a real third-party in charge of delivering a completely trustworthy service both to the Italian companies and to their customers (wholesale and retail).

The TRUE ITALY Service has been developed around a robust, easily scalable structure able to deliver a reliable around-the-clock service. Special care has been devoted to secure all the data managed by the system and prevent any illegal uses.

Identification Data of the Srl company running the TRUE ITALY Website and Service: Srl
via Carlo Moreschi 60
22072 Cermenate (CO)
Phone -+39-031-576400

VAT Code : IT 02521610135
D&B D-U-N-S Number : 440075120

Check a Product - About Us - The "Made in Italy" - FAQs - Newsletter - Contact Us

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